Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are the Myrtles blooming in New York yet?

I'm on the road this week--off to NYC for a symposium--and no trip would be complete without a little bit of knitting-related shopping. I'm hoping to hit at least one of the following favorite spots while I'm in town...

School Products Co. ("The Oldest Yarn Store in Manhattan"--I'm going to try to resist buying an entire pound of their laceweight silk.)
Tender Buttons (Mind-blowing--and budget-busting--selection of vintage, imported, and otherwise incredibly special buttons...I dropped a bundle last time I was there, so will enter with care!)
The Habu showroom (I took a class on reading Japanese patterns with one of the Habu reps while I was in St. Louis last fall, and also saw their trunk show. Amazing stuff, and always inspiring...)
Purl Soho might get a look-in, too, if I'm in the neighborhood...they're tiny, but SUCH a cute shop. I know I'll get some great ideas about color and styling while I'm there.

No matter where I go, I'm going to be keeping an eye out in the hopes that I get to see one of my designs "in the wild"--whether it's Myrtle, Decimal, Agatha, or something else. It hasn't yet happened that I've caught a glimpse of someone actually wearing a sweater they've made from one of my patterns, but I secretly (OK, not so secretly now, since I'm blogging about it on the freaking Interwebs) keep hoping for that moment. It's going to be so great when that happens. If you live in New York, have made one of my sweaters, and DON'T want some crazy chick running up to you and insisting on taking your picture, you may want to avoid wearing the thing for the next few days. Or at least try to avoid the above-listed "danger zones," which I've provided as a courtesy to those who want to maintain a low profile. You never know where I might be, though--and I won't hesitate to stalk you like a cheetah on a sick gazelle if I see so much as a flicker of dayflower lace! You have been warned...