Monday, May 25, 2009

Setbacks, letdowns, doldrums...

Is it just that summer's starting? Or that I'm a better envisioner/ponderer/starter than a finisher? A preference for process over product? The lingering effects of end-of-term burnout? Or what?

The charting software I got is not *quite* what I wanted, and the dress form I finally allowed myself to buy is back-ordered until the middle of next month. I've got four projects either on the needles or waiting to start, and am just not that into any of them anymore. Ditto for the conference presentations, peer-reviewing and writing of journal articles, and qualifying paper that I'm supposed to be wrapping up. There's no shortage of deadlines and to-do list items, in other words; just a total lack of enthusiasm for the "do" part. That feeling of reluctance to stand up when your leg's asleep? I have it for my brain.

It would feel really good to Get Something Done, but instead of finishing an already-started thing, whee! I'm starting something new. Vera's an open-fronted, ribbed cardigan with a leaf-and-vine panel and squared-off collar, in Rowan Calmer, which is incredibly stretchy and soft. I made the original about six years ago, when I was just getting back into knitting after a long hiatus, and it's been my go-to for the slouchy pajama topper on a chilly night. The original was worked in pieces and seamed, but the updated version is worked flat in one piece to the underarms, with sleeves set in seamlessly.

Start the clock--we'll see how long it takes to finish this. Or anything.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The end of all-nighters is nigh.

I'm *thisclose* to finishing my projects and classwork. Hoo. Ray.

My end-of-semester treat to myself? Trip to Vegas and a new piece of knitting software. Either one could make me a millionaire--or cost me thousands! (Because I'll need to buy yarn to go with all those charts and graphs I'll be making once I learn how to use it, of course.) Mwah ha ha ha! Also, I get to knit instead of writing papers and doing research--for a few days, at least.

And when I get back, the now-traditional, semi-annual, complete and total overhaul of the ol' home office space to release all the pent-up mojo from the last four months. My new dress form should be coming soon, too. Can't wait.