Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The end of all-nighters is nigh.

I'm *thisclose* to finishing my projects and classwork. Hoo. Ray.

My end-of-semester treat to myself? Trip to Vegas and a new piece of knitting software. Either one could make me a millionaire--or cost me thousands! (Because I'll need to buy yarn to go with all those charts and graphs I'll be making once I learn how to use it, of course.) Mwah ha ha ha! Also, I get to knit instead of writing papers and doing research--for a few days, at least.

And when I get back, the now-traditional, semi-annual, complete and total overhaul of the ol' home office space to release all the pent-up mojo from the last four months. My new dress form should be coming soon, too. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

You definitely deserve to treat yourself with that software!

Anonymous said...

The software looks very useful and fun.

Laura Sue said...

I'm curious to know how that software works out. I actually have it, but have never used it! (Lame, I know.) Congrats on finishing the semester. We're in exams here. As secy of the Physics dept of a small university, I consider my job to be something like Departmental Fray-Check. I catch all the frayed edges and stop the runs before disaster strikes!