Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adelaide will have buttons. And pockets!

Just so you all (that's right, I'm talking to all four of you who are reading this) know, Adelaide will be one of those sweaters that you can actually carry stuff around in. She'll have a couple of pockets in the front. Won't that be nice? It confounds me that I can leave the house fully dressed--sometimes wearing as many as four or five separate garments--and still have no place to put my car keys. My husband does not have this problem. Men's clothing tends to have pockets; women's clothing tends not to have pockets. Sucky!

I also found some very nice buttons for this sweater on Monday at Silk Road. Sometimes the buttons come first with a sweater; I have a stash of buttons scrounged from various junk shops and antique malls that I paw through as part of my design process. Other times, though, I get all the way to the end of the knitting process with no buttons, and then have to go hunting for something I like. That can be hard, either because I've just gone ahead and made buttonholes of an arbitrary size that whatever buttons I do get will need to fit through--or I've rashly worked up the garment without buttonholes, in which case I have to figure out whether to use snaps or a zipper or some other closure, and just use the buttons for show.

Buttons are definitely on my top-100 list of Inanimate Things I Like a Lot, though. And "finding just the right button for something I'm knitting (or may be knitting soon)" is definitely in the top 50 of Feelings I Like to Feel--lower than "mixing the perfect ratio of gin and tonic" and "coasting downhill on my bicycle on a sunny day" but just a bit higher than "decisively stapling the corner of a finished term paper."

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Amy Mac said...

LOVE the buttons!