Thursday, December 30, 2010

The end of loose ends is in 2010!

Cecily jacket - Front view

How much do I hate weaving in ends? Sofa king much. I've let some FOs sit, unworn or ungifted, for months on end while I work myself up to the task of weaving in, like, four ends of yarn on the underarms and sleeve hems. Whenever possible, I spit-splice or weave in the ends as I join new yarn, using this method I found online (thanks, aija and JP from Article Pract!).

The worst problem with hating to weave in ends is that I'm not actually particularly good at it when I actually get around to doing it. Looking at the wrong side of my work is usually like looking at Joan Rivers without makeup on--kinda yucky, sure shows how much work went into it. If it's a garment I will be wearing myself, I've even been known to just tuck a random end that I overlooked back down the sleeve if I know it's not going to work itself loose. I hate that I do this and it makes me feel very, very lazy--also a touch unprofessional. It's strange that weaving in ends bugs me this much, because there are other pretty tedious finishing tasks that I'll do with relish, even: Sewing on buttons or ribbon linings for plackets, knitted-on i-cord, even seaming, which many people despise (and which many of my designs, especially the garments, don't require). I just love a pretty and well-finished garment, but when it comes to the loose ends--ugh. I'll willingly settle for the outer appearance of good finishing.

Now that we're here at the end of the year, though, I'm calling an end to that thing with the ends. It stops here. Today. Right now. FOs are going to get FINISHED when they're done, and I'm going to love how it feels to snip that last little tail before moving on to the next project. I am resolved! 2011 will be The Year of Literally Tying Up Loose Ends. It's going to be awesome. Look how great it looks when I do it--the twinset above was blocked the morning after I cast off, and I had it all done right down to the buttons THAT DAY. Yay, me.

As I look forward to that Year of Literally Tying Up Loose Ends, it reminds me to remind all of you that there's just one more day left to enter yourself in my first-ever blog giveaway! Skip back to my last post and leave a comment with your favorite homemade holiday memory (doesn't have to be a winter holiday either, btw; I'll accept DIY firecrackers for the 4th of July or Guy Fawkes Day, or the hand-drawn cards you got from your kids for Mother's Day, or what have you). I'll put the names in a hat on New Year's Eve and draw for a free pattern and a gift certificate to Hill Country Weavers!

(Um, we may just have to tackle "blocking things as soon as they're done instead of leaving them unblocked on the dress form for several weeks" in 2012. Baby steps...)


Mary Beth at ✄ Yarn U ✄ iPhone app said...

This sweater is totally beautiful...what pattern is it?

TT820 said...

It's a new design I'm working on--Cecily. The camisole part of the twinset is available now, but this is the prototype for the jacket. I should have a pattern released in a few weeks!

Steven said...

Love the ernge. It's gorgimous. That weaving in ends thing is cool -- very similar to what I've seen demonstrated by fair isle knitters of the "locked floats" school.

Good resolution! I know it has caused you distress, but I kind of have to giggle a bit at this "fault" considering all the awesomeness of you knitting.


Laura Sue said...

My first thought was, "Wow that's some cleavage...oh." My second thought was, "That's gorgeous!!"

knitabulous said...

Cannot wait for that twinset cardi. It's gorgeous!

Knit-Zilla said...

I love this sweater set, and can't wait for the pattern! I have already purchased Cecily. I never would have considered orange, but your keen eye has made it perfect.

Knit-Zilla said...

Love this set! I have already ordered Cecily (pattern), and can't wait for the jacket. I never would have considered "orange", but you really have an eye for the perfect color.