Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Bride

Thanks for checking in--I'm back, and with a new pattern, too! Winter Bride Gloves just went up on Ravelry, and is perfect for your holiday giving projects (fancy! but easier than they look) as well as any New Year's nuptials to which you might be invited (buttercream frosting will blend right in on these babies).

I've missed knitting, but putting together a new pattern was fun, and I'm really pleased with how these turned out. It's almost enough to make all those false starts from the last year feel more like sketches than failures. (A recent home-office clean-up effort ended with me surrounded by a pile of half-finished and aborted and unraveling attempts at all kinds of things, in tears and feeling like they were a self-portrait of the artist as a young fuck-up...and honestly, I'm not even that young!) With luck, these will be the first little flurries that turn into a proper snowstorm of creativity. Watch this space!


Steven said...

These are absolutely beautiful! Love the reverse-stockinette across the palms. So, so lovely. My parents and grandparents and many great-grandparents all had winter weddings -- the perfect time of year for settling down and snuggling up.

Jene Teague said...

I know all about that home office clean up that leaves you all kinds of fucked up. Buck up, babe!